I want to learn more about the background of BlockScores

Please have a look at the following article on Medium

Is there a demo or test version?

A working POC version of BlockScores is hosted on Rospen Testnet.

ETH balance is required to interact with a smart contract. If you donĀ“t have any Test-ETH yet please use http://faucet.ropsten.be:3001.

The demo can be accessed here

What is BlockScores

BlockScores hosts smart contracts and the UI for various devices and platforms. These contracts enable the creation and management of leaderboards for any user.

Smart Contract

The current version of the smart contract behind BlockScores leaderboards can be found at GitHub.

How to create a new BlockScores leaderboard


  • web3 plugin like MetaMask or Mist activated
  • being signed in to your wallet


  1. Access the demo or the productive BlockScores
  2. Select the “Create leaderboard” section
  3. Enter a Titel and a Description for your leaderboard
  4. Press “Create”
  5. Sign the transaction in your wallet popup
  6. Wait for the Popup and your generated URL

Bookmark this URL. It includes the hash of your leaderboard. Without this URL, you can not access your leaderboard

How to confirm game scores

…coming soon…

How to add new players

…coming soon…

How to add game scores

…coming soon…

How to manage players

…coming soon…

How to earn with BlockScores

BlockScores is based on royalty.

After creating a leaderboard, the game owner is receiving a benefit for every player added. The current rate is shown at the “Create leaderboard” section of the BlockScores DApp.

What does it cost

When creating a new BlockScores, a minor one-time-fee is transferred in ETH. The current price is shown in the “Create leaderboard” section of the BlockScores DApp.

When a player is added, a minor one-time-fee is transferred and split 50/50 between BlockScores and the game owner.

The fees are adjusted to ensure that ETH price fluctuations will not make this expensive at all.