Blockchain App & Integration

BlockScores DApp

BlockScores DApp

Secure leaderboards based on the ethereum network now in various DApp stores…

F1 Demo

The Formula 1 Season 2018 drivers championship as use case demo ...…

Nextcloud App

Access and manage your BlockScores from within your Nextcloud or ownCloud Server…

Public API

Read leaderboard data with a REST API without any wallet infrastructure required…

working POC

Working proof of concept of the BlockScores DApp on the Ethereum testnet…

Global BlockScore Stats

Number of boards created
Number of players
Total score count


Head of BlockScores
Inventor & Architect
Medium , GitHub

Marcel Scherello

Blockchain Developer
…getting the smart contracts right…

n/n BC-Dev

UI Developer
…make it shine everywhere…

n/n UI-Dev